In the 50s of the 900s, in Pianbè (Pianbello, old farmhouse of the family).

Stefano Cirio (year 1893) and Penna Prassede, they live in a modest house with wood attic, few rooms and about 3 hectares of land. These are the properties.

The added value is composed by 4 sons: Candido (1921), Fiorenzo (1927), Martino (1929) and Vincenzo (1933).

The 4 young men growing up, trying to get ahead, like the cubs of wolfs come out from the den to try new adventures but especially food, they get busy and among these the only one who remains in Pianbè is Fiorenzo.

Although he had been invited several times by Vittorio Gancia to work in the flourishing and promising winery: “Gancia” of Canelli, where the other three brothers were imployed.

A typical phrase, repeated many times by Mr Gancia to Fiorenzo was: “Come to Gancia with your brothers! What do you do with these “Baracconi”?”

For “”Baracconi” he meant machines for threshing wheat, Fiorenzo used them in the period of summer threshing in threshing-floor and courtyards of the farmers, work done for over twenty years.

The answer of Fiorenzo was always: “No, I want to be free. I don’t want to stamp the card! In the morning I want to go hunting for two, three hours!”

Mr Vittorio was often invited at hunting lunches on Sunday, in Pianbè, with prince plate, tagliatelle made by Marcella, in 1959 she married Fiorenzo.

And from here start the adventure of Fiorenzo and Marcella: in Pianbè!

Pianbè, near “Rio of the wolfs”. One of the reasons for which the cellar “Pianbello” has the wolf in his lable.

Heavy work of the early morning, few vineyards, few land, some arable crops, the stable with 6/8 animals, the cow for the milk. Milk to make cheese and to have breakfast. Oh yes, to have breakfast, because simultaneously, from 60s to 68s arrive Stefano, Pietro , Mario and Paola.

In the period of threshing, about two months July/ August, Marcella provides with the shoulder machine to give sulfur, and many times bring with her, in the vineyards, the little ones with the wheelbarrow.

Stefano, Pietro Mario become big, they begin the activity of the father, while Paola decides to dedicate her life in the catering field.

In the same time, Stefano die in a work accident.

Despite what happened, the farm grows, moves near a farmhouse not far from the birthplace. It makes investments, buys lands, houses, agricultural vehicles. Moreover, it buys other livestock, other cows and calves, to get to have about 100 animals.

But with the illness of “Crazy Cow” the farmhouse is forced to sell or to kill these animals.

After this event, the company wants to concentrate its work not on livestock, hay cultivation, of the hazelnuts, of the wheat but mainly on the production of wine, on vineyards.

At first time few hectares, till today, with 31 hectares, of which Moscato because this zone is particularly suited at this vine. And also Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Dolcetto (dry wine), Cortese.

In the expansion of the company, the stable has been discharged and replaced with a new cellar in addition to the existing one, with modern equipment, vehicle storage zone, thermo conditioned tanks with greater capacity, zone used as a retreat white and red grape and a room to tasting and clients receptions.

To take over, in the same time, in the company, are the sons of Mario, Andrea and Lorenzo, the first, assigned to work in the vineyard and the second, winery worker; and Martina, daughter of Pietro, she dedicates herself to the office, clients receptions, trade.

Returning to the subjet of vineyards and wine, the company has followed the path of change and evolution introducing and proposing new products, related to the territory, like “Loazzolo” passito with grape of Moscato from 2001 and from 2008 with the production of Alta Langa Brut Classic Method, composed by Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Moreover, It continues to rent lands  in the zone of Nizza and surroundings for the production of Barbera d’Asti.

Let’s not forget that the Cirio brothers with the oenologist Gianluca Scaglione, decided to buy a new cellar in Canelli, not far from the cellar in Loazzolo and to invest on this, collaborating and unifying the companies in a single brand, “Pianbello”.

The union has led to greater wealth not only for quantity of wines but also for the quality.

It tries to enlarge the sales horizons and to focus on the foreign market , always remembering the land of origin, the work done and the sacrifices made.

Small note, the brand, refers to the “Rio of wolfs”, but not only this.

Loazzolo(our town) in Latin “Lupatiolum”, means the place where the wolfs run about.

Two information brought to create a brand with the wolf howls at the moon.

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