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Monferrato Dolcetto

Monferrato Dolcetto

  • Harvest:

    The grapes are harvested in the second week of September by hand in boxes of 20 kg.


    Soft pressing with specific camera; stalk remover, using yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the alcoholic fermentation of the must with the skins of the grapes to acquire the right color of the wine, at a controlled temperature which must not exceed 30 ° C, frequent pumping over the entire period. A complete fermentation, 8 to 12 days, racking. The limpidimento spontaneous and decanting during the winter, cold stabilization to prevent the formation of sediment in the bottle.


    Is carried out in late spring after the harvest in Bordeaux bottles type “Ancient” heavy 75 cl. and Champagnotta 37.5 cl.

  • Analytical characteristics:

    Alcohol 13 % Vol.
    Acidity tot. 5.36
    Acidity vol. 0.30
    SO2 Tot. 75,00
    SO2 Lib. 28,00
    Residual sugar 0


    Ruby red slightly load, distinctive aroma, fruity and almond.

  • Pairings:

    It’ a wine for every meal, it fits with starters of cured meats and meat, to the first, in almost all the main courses.

    Serve at room temperature 18/20 ° C.

  • Grapes:

    100 % Dolcetto, from vineyards owned.

  • Download:

    Download HERE the technical informations of Monferrato Dolcetto Pianbello.

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