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Pianbè Rosè

Pianbè Rosè Brut Metodo Classico

  • Harvest:
    The grapes are selected and harvested by hand in 20 kg perforated

    Wine making:
    Soft pressing of whole grapes and obtaining of flower must.
    Clarification by nitrogen flotation to avoid oxidation of aromas and delicate color.
    Addition of selected yeasts Saccaromyces Cerevisiae e conduction of alcoholic fermentation at a temperature of 15 ° C in a thermo conditioned bath. Static clarification during the winter, cold stabilization during the winter.

    Bottle fermentation:
    Carried out in the week of crescent moon in the month of March or April, in the year following the harvest with addition of selected yeasts for frothing.

    In the bottle, on the lees for 30 months. During the period of aging sediments are reported in suspension (Coupè de Poignet).

    After 30 months on the lees, remuage by hand is carried out on the Pupitres. The liqueur d’expédition is added to the finaldisgorgement to rebalance the sugar content.

  • Analytical characteristics:

    Alcohol 13,80% Vol.
    Total acidity 7.00 g / l
    Solforosa tot. 96 mg / l
    Sugars reduced 5.5 g / l
    Extract 26 g / l


    Equipped with an exceptional freshness, it maintains its characteristics that are enhanced with aging.

  • Serving suggestions:

    It fits in any occasion as an aperitif. With savory first courses and main courses of white meat and with all the sea food. Serve cold, temperature 5-8 ° C.

  • Grapes:

    100% Pinot Nero.

  • Download:

    Download HERE the technical informations of Pianbè Rosè Brut Metodo Classico.


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