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Asti DOCG Extra Dry

  • Harvest::
    Mid-late September.

    Soft pressing of the grapes, decanting of the must, conservation at controlled temperature in thermo-conditioned tanks at 0 ° C.

    In stainless steel tanks, second fermentation in the summer following the harvest.

    Sparkling and second fermentation:
    The wine completes fermentation in autoclave at 12/13 ° C with the help of selected yeasts by us (Secret) until 4.5 bar overpressure is reached, and stop on the lees with the aid of daily batonnage for a period of 4-6 weeks where it gets rich of complexity and harmony and appears the characteristic and pleasant aromatic sensation typical of Moscato.

    Carried out in the following summer, in heavy champagnotte bottles.

  • Analytical characteristics:
    Alcohol: 12.5% vol
    Total acidity: 5.80 g / l
    Sulphites 115 mg / l
    Total sugars 12.4 g / l

    Light straw yellow tending to greenish with fine and creamy foam, fine and persistent perlage.

    Characteristic, delicate, with pleasant notes aromatic and citrusy, reminiscent of Muscat grapes.

    Warm and creamy, savory, fresh and pleasantly soft.

    Serving temperature:
    4/6 ° C.

  • Food pairings:
    Appetizers, first courses of lean and delicate second courses, excellent as an aperitifand in combination with typical Piedmont sweets.

  • Grape variety:
    White Moscato

    Grapes origin:
    Vineyards in Canelli, Loazzolo and Valdivilla (S. Stefano Belbo)

  • Download:

    Download HERE Asti DOCG Extra Dry SEGRETO

Segreto - Asti DOCG EXTRA DRY

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